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Our VP of Business Development, Akino Nourdine, Visits ILA Headquarters in the Cotswolds: A Journey into Passion and Philosophy

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July 07th 2023

At the heart of Fushifaru's success lies its award-winning Heylhi Spa, a haven of tranquility that offers guests an indulgent escape from the world. One key aspect of this serene oasis is the use of ILA products, known for their remarkable quality and profound connection to nature.

Recently, Akino Nourdine, the Vice-President of Business Development at Fushifaru Maldives, embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom to visit ILA's headquarters in the idyllic Cotswolds. Her visit offered a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the passion and philosophy behind ILA's extraordinary products.

Akino was welcomed into the enchanting world of ILA, eager to immerse herself in the stories and philosophies that lay at the heart of the brand. As she toured the ILA headquarters, Akino was captivated by the meticulous attention to detail evident in every step of the manufacturing process. From the selection of ethically-sourced ingredients to the crafting of each product, it was clear that ILA's team possessed an unwavering dedication to their passion.

"The philosophy and the stories of the products are really fantastic. ILA seems to have a very passionate team and an organized manufacturing process" Akino observed. What sets ILA apart from other luxury skincare brands is their holistic approach to well-being. Their products extend beyond beauty treatments, embracing a deeper connection with the mind, body, and spirit. Each formulation is thoughtfully designed to enhance not only the physical well-being of the user but also their emotional and spiritual harmony.

The Manager at Fushifaru’s Heylhi Spa highlighted that guests loved the products used during treatments, adding that “for the facial, the product we apply during the treatment helps ease sensitive skin, and rehydrate. Some guests have mentioned that their skin glows after the treatment..”

A key synergy point of a boutique and bespoke quality product was highlighted between Fushifaru and ILA, showcasing the sharing of the same values. Additionally, it was decided that both parties will work together to create a signature treatment and product incorporating an element of The Maldives.

The visit to ILA's headquarters further solidified the bond between Fushifaru Maldives and ILA, reinforcing their shared values and commitment to excellence. Akino expressed her excitement for the continued partnership, emphasizing the enriching experience that ILA products bring to Fushifaru's guests.