• Coral reef immersed in clear turquoise water

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Green Initiatives

At Fushifaru Maldives, single-use plastics are eliminated on the island, flowers, herbs & vegetables are planted by our team of Chefs & gardeners for use in the restaurants and using all resources possible in an effort to achieve our zero-waste goal.

    • Coral restoration snorkeling tour
    • Divers on a coral restoration snorkeling tour
    • Diver planting coral fragments in frame
    • Distinctly manta-shaped coral frame in the lagoon
    • Coral restoration snorkeling tour

    Coral Regeneration

    Best Dives Maldives team in Fushifaru have initiated a coral propagation project by planting coral fragments in several frames and one distinctly manta-shaped frame in the lagoon. The team continues to plant, monitor and clean frames to ensure the success of the project. Both certified divers and snorkelers can visit the site by joining a dive excursion or the coral restoration snorkeling tour.

    • Fushifaru team planting planting trees for the “Plant Your Own Tree’ Program”.
    • Fushifaru team planting flowers, herbs & vegetables on the island


    Every day, consciously or unconsciously, everyone leaves their own personal carbon footprint. We will make it easy and fun for you to help the earth by planting trees on the island through our “Plant Your Own Tree’ Program”.

    • Reusable custom water bottles provided by Fushifaru
    • A guest enjoying earth-friendly products at Fushifaru Maldives

    Sustainable Alternatives

    Low-impact travel and luxury can coexist at Fushifaru Maldives. The property relies on earth-friendly amenities such smart lighting throughout the resort grounds, an advanced onsite energy and water management system, eco-friendly building materials and biodegradable cleaning products. Inside the villa, guests will find refillable shower amenities in ceramic bottles (eliminating single use plastic bottles), low-wattage appliances and lighting, non-toxic paint, natural timber furnishings all designed to ensure an ozone-friendly experience.