• Health & Safety - Fushifaru Maldives

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    At the Airport

    • Our Airport Host will receive you wearing face masks and gloves maintaining safe distancing.
    • It is recommended to wear masks at the airport at all times, until your arrival to the resort.
    • After a contact-less seaplane check-in, you will be escorted to the Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) terminal for your journey to Fushifaru.
    • You will be given a hygiene kit by TMA before your seaplane journey to the island.
    • Your luggage will be sanitized once accepted by TMA.
    • Hand luggage will be limited to ONE small bag of 3kg.
    • Extra luggage will be charged $5 plus taxes per kg.
    • Our Airport Host will be available to assist you with anything, from receiving you until your seaplane journey.
    • All TMA aircrafts undergo thorough disinfection process upon returning to the seaplane base. For more information: https://www.transmaldivian.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Guest-Handbook.pdf

    At the Resort

    • A contactless temperature screening for all guests upon arrival to the resort.
    • Your luggage will be disinfected and placed in your villa.
    • You will be directly escorted to your villa by your Resident Host for a contact-less in-villa check-in.
    • Your villa will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sealed prior to your arrival.

    • Upgraded room amenities include, protective and sanitizing products for your convenience.
    • All the high touch surfaces will be disinfected with an increased frequency of cleaning.
    • Bed linens and towels will be carefully washed and sanitized in high temperature.
    • Safe distancing will be observed during housekeeping service.
    • Increased frequency of disinfecting buggies.
  • SENSE OF SPACE (Dive Center and Fushifaru experiences)

    • Mandatory temperature screening prior to any excursion and all Fushifaru experiences.
    • Dive Center equipment will be thoroughly disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants.
    • Safe distancing and capacity limitations will be maintained in Kids Club, and during all your excursions. 
    • Kids Club toys will be sanitized after each guest use, and outdoor activities will be encouraged. 
    • Hand sanitizers will be at all Fushifaru guest outlets.
    • Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of all public spaces and washrooms.
    • Please note that if the guest has had Covid-19, they will need a Medical certificate from specilist who allow them to dive.
  • YOUR EATINERARY (Restaurants and Bar)

    • All restaurants and bar will have digital menus to ensure your safety.
    • Daily contact-less temperature screening for all guests at the restaurant before your breakfast.
    • You will have access to hand sanitizers in all restaurants and bar.
    • Curated food menus with immune boosting food options introduced for your well-being.
    • Minimal table set-ups with safe distancing and increased frequency of sanitizing using recognized disinfectants and food friendly sanitizers. 
    • In-villa dining buggies will be carefully disinfected and cleaned after each use.
    • Increased number of live stations at the buffet to reduce self-service.
    • At the buffet, guests are required to maintain safe distancing of 1 meter. 
  • TRANQUILITY OF MIND (Gym, Main Pool and Spa)

    • A prior booking of your workout at the gym will be mandatory. The gym and the equipment will be disinfected after each guest use.
    • Disinfectant wipes will be available for you at the gym at all times.
    • Pool towels will be stored in a closed container issued to guest with minimum handling. 
    • Sun loungers and pool furniture arranged to ensure safe distancing, spaced at least one meter apart.
    • For your protection, Chlorine and PH levels will be monitored and tested every 4 hours.
    • Number of guests allowed in the pool will be minimized.
    • Frequent and thorough sanitizing of pool furniture, pool steps, and knobs of pool showers.
    • A pre-booking of spa facilities is mandatory.
    • Spa will be thoroughly disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants after every guest use.

    • Our residents will be equipped with face masks and PPE including gloves, when deemed necessary. 
    • Our residents are well trained, in-line with COVID-19 health & safety guidelines set by local health authorities to execute their roles with confidence.
    • Mandatory temperature screening prior to each shift ensuring that no unwell residents are at service and offered immediate medical support where relevant.
    • All residents have completed comprehensive training on adequate hygiene and safety protocols in collaboration with Diversey according to the World Health Organization (WHO) standards.
    • All our residents live on the island, and travel restrictions as advised by the HPA will be followed.

    • Should the airline or your home country require compulsory negative COVID-19 test result, please inform your Resident Host on arrival, in order to arrange PCR testing.
    • Departure information will be provided by your Resident Host on the evening before your departure day.
    • Contact-less payment options will be offered by your Resident Host during an In-villa check-out.
    • You will need to maintain safe distancing and wear mask while you wait in the lounge for your departure seaplane boarding. 
    • TMA  aircrafts are cleaned and disinfected before picking up departure guests. Wearing a face mask is mandatory during the entire transfer process.
    • Upon your arrival at the TMA seaplane base, our Airport Host will accompany you to the international departure terminal via a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected TMA vehicle.
    • At the TMA luggage receiving area, our Airport Host will arrange a disinfected trolley for your luggage and escort you to the international departure terminal while observing safe distancing.
    • Our Airport Host will assist you with the check-in process whilst you wait.

    How safe is The Maldives?
    Maldives has been granted the safe travel stamp by World Travel & Tourism Council from 15th September 2020 onwards.

    How safe is Velana International Airport?
    Velana International Airport (VIA) has received ‘Airport Health Accreditation’ by Airports Council International. VIA is the second Airport to receive accreditation in Asia Pacific Region.

    • All guests who are traveling to Maldives and Airport staff are required to wear face masks, use hand sanitizers and observe safe distancing.
    • Thermal temperature screening upon arrival to Maldives and it is advised for guests to download “TraceEkee” app for contact tracing purposes.
    • 24hrs self-service, digital kiosk was inaugurated at VIA providing contact-less and prompt service for tourists to buy SIM cards and recharge services.

    What should I do before I travel to The Maldives?
    You will need to have a confirmed hotel reservation of your stay at Fushifaru Maldives.
    A “Traveler Health Declaration” via immigration portal must be filled 24 hours prior to your departure to the Maldives.
    This is an Online form that needs to be completed via: https://imuga.immigration.gov.mv/

    Do I need to undergo COVID-19 test before I travel to The Maldives?
    Yes! All tourists travelling to the Maldives are required to present a mandatory negative PCR test result for Covid-19 translated in English.
    Do you have medical facilities available on the island?
    YES! On the island we do have a Clinic with fully equipped first aid medical facilities and a doctor available 24hrs.
    The nearest hospital can be reached within 15 minutes by speedboat.

    How do I test for COVID-19 in the Maldives?
    Should you require COVID-19 test results to return to your country or another destination, we provide testing services 48hrs prior to your departure.
    Sample for the PCR testing will be taken by our Resident Doctor and is subject to a charge of $75 nett per person.

    Can I visit more than 1 island during my stay at Maldives?
    It is not recommended to travel to other islands. However it is subject to an authorization from HPA which has to be requested 48 hours prior to traveling.

    • Day visit to another resort is not permitted.
    • Visit to local islands are not permitted.

    What will happen if I develop symptoms of COVID-19 while at the resort?
    If you develop any symptoms, you will be tested by the Resident Doctor in your villa with full PPE and you shall remain in your villa until test results are received.
    The PCR test is subject to a charge of $75 nett per person.
    Fushifaru COVID-19 task-force will perform contact tracing and the identified contacts will be isolated in designated rooms until your test results.

    What will happen if I test Positive for Covid19 while at the resort?
    If the PCR test is positive, HPA will be informed immediately. If you are clinically stable, you will be given the option to quarantine at the resort, or move to a government isolation facility.
    If you choose to stay quarantined at the resort, you will be offered a ‘14 Day Quarantine Package’, subject to additional charge. We encourage you to take COVID 19 insurance prior to your arrival to Maldives.
    We encourage you to check your medical insurance for COVID-19 coverage prior to your journey to The Maldives.

    Does Maldives provide COVID-19 insurance packages?
    Allied Insurance Maldives has introduced COVID-19 insurance policy focusing on guests traveling to Maldives. For further information about insurance packages; https://allied.mv/personal/allied-inbound#tab-details